Another covid-19 data problem - API call not returning anything

So sometime this morning the date problem with the covid-19 data was fixed. And for an hour or so everything ran smoothly.

Then suddenly the API for ‘COVID-19 tests by date and location and result’ has stopped returning anything useful against an SQL query. The API call is successful but it returns an empty result set (an hour earlier the same code was working fine).

It seems the problem isn’t with the API - it is that any data after 5 May has been removed. It is very hard to work with this when there’s no log or other indication of what is going on and changes keep getting made to the dataset.

Hi Evan, Thanks for pointing this issue out. We’re working to correct it now.

Thank you Lance, all seems to work now with up-to-date data.

Is this the best way to report problems? Between the date issue and the data disappearing my sites have been dead for a week now which is pretty frustrating when your message just now, and an earlier message on Twitter, were the first signs anyone was aware of the problems that were being pointed out.

Happy to do whatever is necessary to point out when there’s an issue - but it’d be good to know what the most effective method is.


Hi Evan, we’ve identified the root cause of the issue and it should be fixed by tomorrow.

The best way to contact us is either over the forum here or you can contact us via email at That gives us a bit more flexibility to reply in detail compared to Twitter.

Apologies for any inconvenience created by the issues. As you’re using the data for your website, I would suggest updating the tests data to point to the new datasets that we published today.

These are available here:

We discontinued publishing the previous tables due to a change in reporting methodology by NSW Health. There’s more details on that change here:

Hi Evan,

This problem is now resolved. Please let us know if you experience any further issue.

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