Car registration information


I run the website Get Me Used Car Parts Australia, is there an API available that will get the make, model and year from the registration (number plate) number?

There should be a basic service provided by vehicle registration authorities that provides at least the bare minimum information about vehicles that are registered.

Thank you.

I think the Blue Flag API might be what you’re after.

It is a pay-per-request service.

Hope that helps

Hi, sorry cannot help with parts data but you might like to view our online service for sourcing and predicting petrol prices. The raw data from this is sourced from NSW data. This is published through an online portal at Good luck with your request to NSW Data. Regards Andrew seems to be using an API but your use may be against the terms & conditions. although if the t&c’s prevent you from using public data, i think that’s against NSW open data policies. i’m really not sure.

alternatively try posting on . i’m not sure if TfNSW or DCS is the department that owns this data.

Thanks, this seems to be best solution so far - for NSW registered vehicles anyway.

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