Companion Card NSW

Hi all,

I do IT work and support work with an NDIS service provider in the Illawarra region and we are looking into helping some of our participants obtain companion cards. Idle curiosity brought me to the " Where can I use my Card?" page on the Companion Card NSW website. Looking at the Word Document that contains a list of business affiliates shows that it hasn’t been updated since June 2018 :frowning_face:

The document also contains this fun little bit of text: “The number of affiliates is increasing on a regular basis making it impossible to keep this list up to date in a printed format.”.

Impossible? Challenge accepted. :nerd_face:

It took a few days to hack together a set of scripts that can scrape the site and transform the records into a CSV file and JSON files that have been categorised by Statistical Area Level 4. It’s not 100% perfect but it’s getting the majority of records.

CSV Output:

Hope this helps anyone :slight_smile:

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