COVID 14 day rolling average

Can anyone please help me find the COVID stats for the 14 day rolling average of locally acquired cases in NSW. Thanks

@Blue how confident are you with R or Python (pandas)?

The dataset NSW COVID-19 cases by location and likely source of infection provides daily stats. You should be able to use a windowing function to calculate the 14 day rolling average.

For example, in Python pandas, I would use something like:

# You will need to install pandas if you don't already have it installed.
import pandas as pd

# You will need to provide the correct path to this file.
df = pd.read_csv("confirmed_cases_table4_location_likely_source.csv",
                 dtype=str, parse_dates=["notification_date"])
cases_by_date = (df.set_index('notification_date', drop=False)
rolling_14_day_average = cases_by_date.rolling('14d').mean()
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