COVID-19 Locations Dataset Update

We have updated the COVID-19 locations dataset to make it easier to re-use. The updated table provides geolocation values and has been structured so that the date and time is fully machine readable.

Thanks @datansw!

Any chance the dates and times could be presented in tidy format?
See Hadley Whickham’s Tidy Data article, and the examples here.

Agreed with @David

Currently we have multiple formats used in [Date_Status_Current] and [Date_Status_Expired] e.g. “Tue, 14-Jul-2020” “4-Sep”

Also, the [Status] column don’t line up with [Date_Status_Expired], e.g for
“Sydney: Virgin Active Pitt Street Gym,” the [Status]=“Expired” and [Date_Status_Expired]=Thu, 10-Sep-2020, and similarly for “Newtown: BWS”.
Should we accept these as expired based on data in either one of the fields?


Hi David and Mat,

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve reviewed the dataset and all the date values are now in numeric form.

The date_status_current values represents the date that the advice was provided by NSW Health and appeared on the website. Conversely, the date_status_expired represents the date the advice was removed. Any location that has current advice won’t have a date_status_expired field.

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