COVID-19 Testing Data constantly incorrect


Your testing data is currently unusable. It has double ups and triples ups, and large gaps in the data.

Could you please address?

Specifically the following…

Could you please let the forum know if you’re no longer supporting these data sets, so we can use alternate sites?


Hi Shane,

I’m using this dataset too.
Could you provide some examples of the double ups and gaps so I can see if it affects my charts?


So when I export that data-set as a TSV I can’t see any June data, here’s a snippet:

2020-05-10 2710 X840 Murrumbidgee 12730 Edward River (A) 1
2020-05-10 2712 X840 Murrumbidgee 10650 Berrigan (A) 1
2020-07-12 2567 X710 South Western Sydney 11450 Camden (A) 91
2020-07-12 2568 X710 South Western Sydney 18400 Wollondilly (A) 4

It goes from 10th May straight to 12th July.


I can replicate that.

Interestingly, the CSV link at the top of the page works fine:

But if you click the drop-down and select CSV or TSV, the records are completely out of order. The files still have the same number of rows (110858), but the TSV from the dropdown is missing some dates somehow. For example, if I sort the TSV file by date, or search the date column, I can only find two records for 2020-05-17. But using the CSV file linked above, there should be 435 records for that date.

Yep, agreed. TSV data is incomplete.

I’ll change my code to use the CSV equivalent instead and see if that works.

Would be good if the TSV version could be fixed though.


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