COVID-19 Testing Data merged records

Some of the records in the COVID-19 testing data appear to have been merged.
e.g. Here ‘Guzman y Gomez’ and ‘Home Co’ have been merged into a single JSON object:

  "Venue": ["Guzman y Gomez", "Home Co"],
  "Address": ["Shop 2/82 Mulgoa Rd", "72/82 Mulgoa Rd"],
  "Suburb": ["Penrith", "Penrith"],
  "Date": ["Sunday, 04 October 2020", "Sunday, 04 October 2020"],
  "Time": [" 1:30pm to  2:00pm", " 2:00pm to  2:30pm"],
  "Alert": ["Monitor for symptoms", "Monitor for symptoms"],
  "Lon": 150.6841,
  "Lat": -33.7575

This causes havoc for BI systems like Qlik Sense which try to convert the JSON back into a table format for analysis.

The regular format with one record per object is preferred:

  "Venue": "Fitness First Carlingford",
  "Address": "Level 3, Carlingford Court, Cnr Carlingford &, Pennant Hills Rd",
  "Suburb": "Carlingford",
  "Date": "Saturday, 03 October 2020",
  "Time": " 8:00am to  9:15am",
  "Alert": "Monitor for symptoms",
  "Lon": 151.0437,
  "Lat": -33.7687
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