COVID-19 Web App

Thought I might share a small project I put together around the COVID-19 datasets! Thanks for keeping the data updated -

Feedback welcome!

Some great visualisations! Thanks so much for sharing - we love to see what people are doing with the data on Data.NSW!

Really neat dashboard and very user friendly. Nice work.

Love your work! I wrangled a couple of maps out of that data manually - groan! Very interested to learn how you do this. Is there a way that you can show us the script-fu that makes the maps from the data tables, even some illuminating commentary would be much appreciated.

Also, a very worthwhile addition could be a map viw that shows the most recent positive tests, perhaps postcode centroids shaded by no. of days since a +ve test there?


Thanks Greg!

Happy to share + answer any questions you have. The entire application is built in flask and actually doesn’t use a db. Maps are a product of combining the provided postcode with a long + latitude reference. Data NSW has data for that too. All the joins are done on page load, so that the data can be used on any page should it be needed - maps, postcode pages + even for your suggestion about recent positive tests (thanks for that!)

I’ve charted using chartjs (, which produces nice charts, but is javascript - and that isn’t ever any fun for anybody. It is always about structure and formatting for js charting libraries and that is very doable with python, just takes some time to work through missing ; } ) syntax!

Once I clean it up a bit i’ll push the code out to github and you can pick it up there.


Here is something I have set up to show what is going on with the control of Covid 19. Shows the cases on the map as well as attempting to show what the know infection is.

That’s really cool - nice work!

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