Experience valuing data or data management

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I am wondering if anybody has had any experience trying to value your organisation’s data or the return on investment for data management activities? I’d love to understand some of the approaches taken.

This is a very interesting topic and the subject of a number of really interesting research papers and books, it’s also the topic of my PhD :wink: As a starting point, I suggest getting a copy of these books.
LANEY, D. B. 2017. Infonomics : How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information As an Asset for Competitive Advantage, Milton, UNITED KINGDOM, Taylor & Francis Group.
RAY, D. E. A. 2018. Valuing data : an open framework, CRC Press.
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I’d also be interested in hearing, particularly from those in government, whether monetising information flows has proven effective in improving data management.

Great research topic Phil!

I work for the Open Data Office in Queensland Government. As part of a broader effort to understand the value derived from the release of government open data, the Queensland Government has recently implemented micro surveys on our portal, asking users to nominate the financial value, if any, gained through the use of our open data assets. Over the nine weeks since commencement, we have had more than 800 responses.

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