Finding high quality road/street geospatial data

I’m currently messing around with geospatial data by downloading street maps off openstreetmaps.

What I’ve been wondering about is - how come road data isn’t a publicly available dataset published by the government, or one of the government bodies? Surely the registry of all roads that are built or planned by NSW is managed by a government body somewhere?

Instead, I am currently playing around with street data from openstreetmaps, which I heard have issues with incompleteness, inaccuracy and sometimes vandalism.

Or perhaps I’m missing something?


You may get a different response on but here’s my beliefs:

  • There aren’t that many state roads
  • NSW doesn’t keep track of local roads
  • If NSW does have a digital dataset of state roads, they would probably upload it to OSM
  • OSM is the best you can get right now

Interesting, I am curious myself how that works. I’ll go ask over there as well.

edit: also, despite the site looking very similar, I had to re-register a new account? Odd…

Both use discourse, so they will look the same. NSW agencies often work in silos, so it’s unlikely they will share accounts. There’s no MyNSW yet, and I bet even if there was, the forums wouldn’t use it for login.

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