Fire History - Ignition Points


Does anybody know where I can find and download ignition point data for wildfires in NSW? It looks like such data exists (see:, but unfortunately it’s currently not available for download.

Thanks for any advice,

Hi Yuri. It looks like it was deleted by Link Digital 2 days ago:

Probably best to contact Link Digital or DPIE.

cc @Lance

Looking at the Google cache, it looks like it was nothing more than a PDF of a data quality statement. Maybe SEED or OEH has the information you want?

Hi Yuri,

We’ve been advised this data is no longer available for distribution due to data quality issues. The RFS is now the agency to distribute any Fire Ignition data.

I have contacted them to enquire whether the data can be re-released.

Thanks for getting back to me @Lance and @jayen! I also got an email advising me to contact the RFS regarding this issue, which I did. I haven’t heard anything back from the RFS yet.

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