Help with printed LPI maps details scale in QGIS

I’m hoping you good people can help me out with a problem.

I’m trying to print some map data from the NSW Base Map WMS Server in QGIS.

When I set up a layout from Layout Manager using the main viewer at 1:50000, features such as text names for roads, rivers, towns, fire stations, or contour lines are readable and clear (example at

However, when I render, it uses the text from a much smaller scale meaning text is unreadable small, contour lines are so close together that they are hard to distinguish (example at

I’ve tried playing around with the various settings in layout manager but so far haven’t found a way to fix it. Can anyone suggest a say to make these maps readable?

Thanks in advance.

you may be better off asking on stack exchange as it sounds like an issue not specific to NSW:

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