How to conduct a data maturity assessment in your Department

Hi all

I’m looking to develop a data strategy for DPIE and would like to understand more about conducting a data maturity assessment, as advised in the Data Governance Toolkit.

Wondering if anyone has done this already in their agency or department? If so could you please share your approach and learnings? Where did you start and what core teams were involved? How did you go about mapping/planning your journey?


Hi Estelle,
I have been involved in creating Data Governance frameworks at multiple commercial and government organisations.

We took a Risk Management approach to managing Data Risk, and used Governance as one of the compensating controls. This way we were able to be very specific about what we wanted to control, the outcomes and how it sat within the organisation’s broader Governance, Risk & Compaliance Frameworks.

Happy to share more.

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Hi Estelle

I am working as a Data Analyst in LAHC/DPIE and would like to help where possible.

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