Looking for NSW street addresses by suburb name or LGA

Hi all, we are looking for a CSV file dataset containing all current NSW street addresses for each suburb (ie Unit No, Street No, Street Name, Street Type, Suburb, Postcode)

Not sure where we can access this data as NSW Data is not the same as OpenData Victoria where this data can be easily downloaded per Council Area/LGA.

Any help would be appreciated.


G-NAF should have all addresses in Australia (a few months out of date).


Don’t think it’s a CSV but haven’t looked at it myself.

Hi, DCS Spatial Services can help with your request. Contact our Service Delivery team at:

Many thanks Megan it is much appreciated. It is for a Western Sydney grid demand management project

Hi Folks

you may also be interested to look at the LOC-I project ( location Index project).

It has a selection of tools ( though some not fully complete) to obtain linked data sets of GNAF adresses, ASGS and geofabric objects.

If supports asking things like ( as stated on the loc-i info)

  • Which StatisiticalAreaLevel2 feature is this Address point within?
  • How many addresses are within this StatisticalAreaLevel4?
  • How many Meshblocks are within this catchment?
  • How many addresses are there in the overlapping intersectional area between this Meshblock and this Catchment?

Unfortunately the full implementation does not yet support a live data endpoint (sparql or rest) and the example GNAF data download only covers the ACT. But with some python and setup of local linked data servers ( using free tools e.g. GraphDB) all data can be queried on your local machine.

Of note is that the data joins address, mesh blocks and gives a method of handling addresses in a standardised manner using a comprehensive schema (vocabulary).

To get a taster you can search for individual addresses, localities or mesh blocks and explore the links using the below tools and download sub sets of data easily.

serach for a feature here : http://loci-integration-app-test.s3-website-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/search

use that unique ID to get related data here: http://excelerator.loci.cat/iderdown

Use this vocabulary to improve the expressiveness and control of address feature data in your project http://gnafld.net/def/gnaf

All the best


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