NSW COVID-19 cases by notification date

There are gaps in the data especially recent cases. I feel it is important to be able to see most recent Data. For example check the .csv file. Where can the current data be found and/or why is the current data not displayed in full?

Hi acabela,

The Data Analytics Centre undertakes assessments to measure the risk of re-identifying an individual and the information gained for an individual known to be in the dataset. At times, the most recent data has been treated to mitigate these risks, including suppressing and aggregating data.

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Hi Lance. Appreciate your response. Does that mean the gaps are re-infections ie people who have tested positive more than once?

Regardless, we need to see current data including date and location even if they are reoccurrences.

Thank you Lance.

The dates are screwed in the file. The month and day have got randomly mixed up:

The covid-19 post code tests has the same issue as well.

This is not the only situation where this exists but the bottom of the file is like this:


2020-05-31,2767,Overseas,X740,Western Sydney,10750,Blacktown ©

2020-01-06,2765,Overseas,X740,Western Sydney,10750,Blacktown ©

2020-01-06,2161,Overseas,X740,Western Sydney,12380,Cumberland (A)

2020-01-06,2160,Overseas,X740,Western Sydney,12380,Cumberland (A)

2020-01-06,2770,Overseas,X740,Western Sydney,10750,Blacktown ©

2020-02-06,2767,Overseas,X740,Western Sydney,10750,Blacktown ©

2020-03-06,2177,Overseas,X710,South Western Sydney,12850,Fairfield ©

2020-03-06,2150,Overseas,X740,Western Sydney,16260,Parramatta ©




2020-04-06 should be 2020-06-04



© Data.NSW