Vote NSW COVID-19 cases by location and likely source of infection - COVID-19

This is now 1 week out of date?

Hi Kinman, publication of some data in this dataset is being delayed because the risk of gaining information about an individual in the dataset increases as the number of cases decreases. Once it is safe to release, this dataset will again have up to date data.

For now, you can access up to date data from this dataset:

Lance, I know you’re probably juggling a million datasets, but at least with the Covid stuff (which is top of mind and where timeliness is an issue) it’d be immensely helpful if there was some log of what is going on and what has been changed. Over the last week I’ve had to constantly change my code -sometimes in response to something breaking or sometimes because a policy decision has been made and only found when someone reports that they have found a problem. This is a good example - how were we to know you’d stopped updating this and removed more current data in this dataset?

Is there any way to get ahead of the changes with some sort of logging / notification? And apologies in advance if I’m missing somewhere this already exists.

That’s a great suggestion. We will be creating a ‘subscribe to dataset’ feature in the near future that will provide some of the information you described.

However, for the immediate future I will investigate if there is a simpler way to catalogue these changes as they are being made. That may be as simple as a sticky’d forum post. We’ll put something in place by the end of next week.

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A quick update - the suppression on these datasets has been lifted. We will develop a log to make these changes more transparent as they occur.

Great news on the log. Can you clarify what the implication of ‘suppression on these datasets has been lifted’ means? Will the discontinued datasets be coming back? or the existing ones be updated differently? Or…?


Thanks for the update.

Hi Evan,

That was in reference to the cases datasets ( which had the data release suppressed for about a week.

There have been no additional changes to the tests datasets nor is any future change planned.

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