Who are Data Champions?

Did you know we have a Data Champions network who are a group of data experts and interested parties across NSW Government? Just reach out to the group through @Data_Champions


The second meeting of the Data Champions Network yesterday was a stimulating session with about forty attendees. We had a great discussion on what should be included in the new NSW Data Governance Framework.


The meeting yesterday was really informative. It was good to speak with Narelle about the upcoming amendments to the Information Classification Guideline. Looking forward to seeing what happens in this space.


Hi - Simon from Education here. Great to hear from such a diverse group yesterday. So much experience in one room. Thanks for sharing!


Great meeting yesterday. Awesome to have a network of data colleagues to connect with.


Really good to hear from Pia and get an idea of future direction and focus. Looking forward to learning more at future meetings


Its been great to meet and know more about all the Data Champions from other NSW departments in yesterday’s meeting. Thoughtful insights and looking forward for the future meetings.

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Thanks James, it was great to see everyone and I’m looking forward to more Data Champions events and more collaboration moving forward :slight_smile:

@simon.maizels would you be the one to talk to about having HSC exam packs as open data for https://www.hscninja.com/future ?

@jayen, if it’s a DoE dataset that’s not published, then you can make a request here:

It looks like that might be a NESA thing though. Unfortunately, they’re not in our part of the cluster so I’m not sure of the appropriate channel.

thanks for looking and thanks for the quick reply.

sorry to have hijacked the thread!

Hi, Simone from NSW EPA in Dubbo. I’m really looking forward to working with this broad community of data champions!

Hi everyone, please welcome @raymond.tong from Western Sydney Local Health District, Director of Architecture.

@raymond.tong looking forward to the Local Health District perspective on data collaboration.

Juanita from Sydney Water here. Loved worked with Data Champions network at federal level, so looking forward to showing them how we do it even better in NSW!

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